dinsdag 1 juni 2010


I try to write in englisch.

Leaving Bubendorf at 16.00 and arriving in St. Malo at 1.00
We did a little nap in the car. Wake up at 5.00 and saw that the italians arrived too.
Then, over the see with 60 kmh by boat!!!
Very nice Island. Narrow streets, little housing almost romantic.
But we are here for Racing!! so, no siteseeing.
We prepared our bike's, put up the tent, and test de hill climb track.

I ask the marshall's to get the corner free, so i can use the whole road.
the first part off the track was even, so i can make speed and win here. the hill part will be hard for me.
I did the race on top off my lungs and endet up with (for me) a good time. In front off the swiss uphill champion.

shared 9. overall and first place cat. part faired
David did a 25. place out off 42 and best junior

Next day there was a time trail of 12 km along the coast line
6.30 am cold, windy, raining wetter.
This is not my wetter, but my race,
After the first km, my speed raised to 61.3 km and after 5 km it was still at 55 km. Then there was a slide 90 degree corner and i didn't realised that it was raining and sandy. So, i was sliding over the tarmac for 25 meters and ended up in the dune's of jersey. pick up my bike and tryed to get it forward again. But it wasn't the same. Something was wrong. I was riding with a top heardbeat. but notting moved. Was it the Wind?? I ended up with an averedspeed of 36 km.

Next day i saw that my frontwheel did moved by the crash and was blocked by the brakes.
13. place overall but still first in my cat.
David 28. and first junior

In the early afternoon there was a drag race over 50 meters. That isn't my thing, so i got out in the first round. David got to the second round.
a little later there was a 2 hour race. David was in the first group, and did very, very well. His fastest round was the last one. He was 7. out off 23 competitors
The course was very windy and had a lot off root bumbs and small corners. I was taking the lead in the beginning. Later i was overtaken by the full faired.
After 1.5 hour, still 4. place in race, i had to give up due to muscle problem's.
(i have shorted the boom of my bike by 4 cm. just before the championship's. And that is too much)
After 10 minute's i tried again but i couldn't sit anymore.
That was a pitty. I was very motivated after the time trail to show the speed off my bike and me.

200 meter sprint.
Cold and very windy in the false direktion.
first attemp i did a 52.
Pieter, who did a 54 unfaired motivated me to do a second attemp. That one was better, a 55.5 kmh.
5. place overall just behind 4 full faired. 1. place part faired
David 25. and first junior

In the afternoon town criterium.
David was in the first group. The street were narrow and just before the corner's bumps (drempels). a lot of spectators. it was very nice but tricky. and wenn wet????????
I parked DAvid in front row by the start and he did a great job. 7. place off 23

At the end, i thought, this must be the race. First corner ..... second place, then there came the world champion (steve slade) along and overtoke me. He was now riding a fully faired kingcycle and i had to laugh a lot see him flying over the bumps. But i had too beat him. and so i did.
I heard several crash at the back off me during the race. A french man overtoke me with an unfaired zockra. I was in 3. place. Two unfaired were leading.
In a very difficult corner i almost crashed. I was shaving my frontwheel at the boardstone, but it doesn't push me over.
(next day the front tire exploded in the back of the car driving home due to the shaving)
I ended up in 3. place overall and first in my cat.

In the evening became david his trophy:
Junior World Champion 2010

and i became:
1. place partly faired 2010

There wasn't really concurency, they were there, but the real concurent were unfaired (pieter, laurent, robin, keith, marc, malric, walter) or, but less, the full faired

but, never the less i am
world champion 2010 in Hill climb
Time Trail
200 meter sprint

Many, many thanks to Keith and Sherry for organizing.

I hope to get some pictures from Marloes, and maybe there are other' photografer.
please send them to

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